Caring About Your Hearing

We as Hear Care focus on improving the lifestyle with latest innovations in hearing aids, keeping up to date with technology and trends. Our island-wide network of trusted hearing specialists and audiologists will work together with you to find the perfect hearing loss solution. Whether you suffer from tinnitus, age-related hearing loss or any hearing loss related issues, a free hearing consultation with one of our expert hearing care professionals is the first step leading towards your improved quality of life. We will work closely with you and your local audiologist to find hearing aids that are the best fit for your lifestyle and budget. So, why wait? Start your journey to better hearing today!


Behind the Ear (BTE)

BTE, a commonly utilized hearing aid, significant for its easiness to use the buttons and dials, is suggested for moderate to severe hearing loss.


It is Beyond a Service

With all the options that prevail, finding the right solution to a hearing loss can be much confusing. Choosing the professionals to check on your hearing healthcare has therefore become so crucial. By providing free, independent, impartial advices on all aspects of digital hearing aids, we as Hear Care are committed to deliver unparalleled solutions to each of your hearing issue. Among these services are, suggesting the best suited hearing aids & brands to the individual need, and the nearby locations where they could get better services. With a personal consultation shaped according to your unique necessity, our experts are always here to assist you in finding the perfect & cost effective hearing aid solutions.


RIC - Receiver in the canal

RIC is a small, discreet, easily adjustable hearing aid device perfect for the first-time hearing aid wearers with mild to severe hearing loss.


Inside the Ear (CIC)

Completely In Canal is virtually undetectable hearing aid and is commonly applied for mild to moderately severe hearing loss.


Advancement in Hearing

Each year hearing aid technology is revolutionizing the industry with new innovations and modern products. Now the technology has evolved from “redefining the ease of listening” to “most natural own voice and highest acceptance”.

Why Choose Us

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“The Science of Today Is the Technology of Tomorrow”

Technology in the growing market is utilized to ease the hardships that people have to overcome in their everyday lives. Taking hearing as a privilege, we assist in improving hearing through the standardized digital technology in providing excellent quality sound to our customers in three main categories as basic, mid-range and premium devices according to the level of hearing loss and the requirements of our customers. Each device has optimal speech understanding and feedback background noise reduction as well. While the basic hearing aid is effective for mild hearing loss, the mid-range is for much moderately severe and the premium which offers the best technology is most convenient for severe hearing loss.

Hearing Loss

Never To Be Disregarded As a Mere Defect