It Is Beyond A Service

As an essential solution for most of our customers, we have introduced a newest range of hearing aids which are compatible with IPhones, IPads, or IPods which enable your phone calls, and music to be directly connected to the hearing aid. With an easy pairing, intuitive usage and high energy efficiency via the special “Bluetooth Low Energy” protocol, your hearing aids become wireless stereo headphones.


Stream Phone calls directly from your IPhone and from your Android Smartphone with the assistance of StreamLine Mic


Stream music directly from your IPhone to your hearing aid and from your Android device with StreamLine Mic


Fed audio from your TV directly into your hearing aid with StreamLine TV including volume adjustment options with Signia App

Remote Control

Change the settings in your hearing aid remotely and personalize your hearing aid to suit your individual preferences.

Hearing Aid Technology

Behind the Ear (BTE)

BTE, a commonly utilized hearing aid, significant for its easiness to use the buttons and dials, is suggested for moderate to severe hearing loss.

RIC - Receiver in the canal

RIC is a small, discreet, easily adjustable hearing aid device perfect for the first-time hearing aid wearers with mild to severe hearing loss.

Inside the Ear (CIC)

Completely In Canal is virtually undetectable hearing aid and is commonly applied for mild to moderately severe hearing loss.

Smart Apps

Audio Streaming

Remote Control

Hearing Diary

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