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Research and Education

Wickramarachchi Institute of Speech and Hearing (WISH) has been an all round achiever not only in the clinical area but in the academic side as well. The Institute had their first diploma in audiology graduates pass out in the year 2011 and since have been successful in carrying out a well recognized diploma in audiology course.
Along with this, WISH has also given opportunities to university students from Sri Lanka as well as from overseas to do research as well as to partake and to observe various patients in the clinical set up in order to gain experience and to improve on their clinical skills.
WISH comprises of state of the art audiology lab, balance clinic, optometry lab, hearing aid work shop and a calibration lab. Hence, have given ample opportunities to students and interns in the field of audiology, optometry as well as engineering. WISH is proud to be one of the top institutes in Sri Lanka which caters to the full academic, research and clinical needs in these various fields.