RIC - Receiver In Canal

Receiver-in-canal hearing aid delivers the sound directly to your ear by sitting behind the ear because the receiver is located outside the ear instead inside the canal. A discreet electrical cable called ‘receiver wire’ connects the hearing aid and the receiver. This model is suitable even for the profound hearing losses for different power levels can be fitted to this model. You can notice any kind of deterioration of your hearing through RIC with its ability to change receiver power levels. A wide range of hearing losses can be applied with this for its ability to fit different ear domes. Even among loud noise and busy environment, the dual microphones in RIC would assist you improve speech understanding.

Audeo Marvel

Apps & Accessories

  • Roger Microphones
  • MyPhonak App

With Audeo marvel hearing aid; fall in love with the world at first sound! As a multifunctional marvel that is designed not only to enhance the sound, it features the quality balancing and controlling of the sound, combining with smart apps, smartphones, TV, Bluetooth. It is categorized a first-class hearing aid, that facilitates high quality sound experience with modern technology.

Charge & Go

Apps & Accessories

  • MyControl App
  • StremLine TV
  • TeleCare 3.0 ready

The ultimate RIC, pure Charge & Go combines the advantages of Signia Nx with convenient wireless rechargeability. Providing most natural own voice and unrivaled speech intelligibility and many more high-techwireless charging in a remarkably small design is a masterpiece. Wearers no longer worry that they might struggle to change disposable batteries.


Apps & Accessories

  • Touch Control App
  • Mini Pocket
  • TeleCare 2.0 ready

Styletto has transformed the image of hearing aids with its highly stylish high-tech, by combining lithium-ion power cells with all the benefits of Bluetooth connectivity for recharging and streaming on-the-go. Styletto was capable creating a game-changer with an iconic jewel-like aesthetic, by merging all the audio logical advantages of the platform.